Did you know? Thinblood Edition

One LARP Pack is included in every Thinblood Backer Tier and above!

Not only does this pack contain Blood and Willpower cards, you’ll also get 30+ Item and Equipment cards, and even 5 blanks for you to fill out yourself!

If you already backed and just want to get more of these sets (you can never have too many), they’re available in the Backer Bazaar at a discounted cost of $14.99 (get ’em now, as they’ll be $20 when the sale ends!)

We love the ease of knowing exactly what our weapons can do, all on a handy card. They make great random-item-generator tools for those crafters out there, or for storytellers who need to equip their NPCs!

Now, some of you may be saying, “I backed at Ghoul, but I could have spent $5 more and get this awesome set of cards?!” – don’t worry!

Simply email us if you want to upgrade your existing Ghoul tier to a Thinblood, we’ll be glad to help you out.

Thanks everyone for the continued support, and we hope you enjoy!

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