Backer Bazaar

Introducing new add-on options for backers, open now until February 28th!

Visit the Backer Bazaar in our store!

Or, click the links below to be transported to their listing!

These items are exclusive to our V2 Backers; make sure you’re logged in!

Add-on copies of VtM V2!

LARP Pack: $14.99
(will be $20!)

The LARP Pack (one set included in Thin-Blood Backer Tiers and above) contains Blood and Willpower cards, plus 30+ Item and Equipment cards – and 5 blanks for you to fill out yourself!

Clan Pins: only $9.99!
(normally $20)

Gangrel Antitribu,
Toreador Antitribu,
…and more!

Limited quantities, so act fast!!

Metal RPS Cards: $17.99
(down from $34.99)
Phone Rings / Stands: $7.99!
(Normally $14.99)

Hold your phone in style. Choose from Toreador, Anarch, Ventrue, or Camarilla!

Silk Tie & Cufflink sets: $29.99
(down from $59.95)

For the most royal of Kindred, we have these sets available for the Camarilla, clan Ventrue, and clan Lasombra.

Masquerade Mask: $9.99
($19.99 normally)

Coffin Flask: $19.99
(normally $29.99)


If you backed V2, but cannot see the Bazaar page:

First, make sure you’re logged in.
If you’re logged in and have backed V2, but still can’t get in, email us!

If you backed as a Guest and don’t have an account yet, create an account.
Then, email us to be added to the exclusive V2 Backer list!

We’ll get you set up and adding-on in no* time!
*Please allow 12-24 hours to add you to the V2 backers list

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