Q: In what ways does the MET: Volume 2 release affect V5 canon?
A: In short, it does not. This book is not a V5 release. While some of the content may have been inspired by V5, it has no impact on V5 “canon.”

Q: Will the information from MET: V:tM Volume 2 issue 1 be included in this MET: V:tM Volume 2 release?
A: No. Contractual and logistical limitations prohibit the inclusion of the material from Volume 2 Issue 1 in this release. However, that content will be available on the MET App.

Q: Why a Backer Program? Why not just sell it when it is finished?
A: The Backer Program allows BNS to project how many physical copies of the book to print. More importantly, it allows BNS to recognize our supporters and fans. Without a program like this, BNS would not be able to publish such a substantial addition to our core game.

Q: Will it be possible to buy the physical book from By Night Studios after the Backer Program ends?
A: Yes, while supplies last. Through the Backer Program, BNS intends to project how many physical copies of the book we should print for sale outside of the Backer Program.

Q: Will it be possible to get the Camarilla, Anarch, or Sabbat Sect Title Pins and the Honorific Pins outside of the Backer Program?
A: At this time, no. These are exclusive rewards for Backers of this program.

Q: Why should I back this program?
A: We at By Night Studios believe that MET Live Action Roleplaying is one of the most fun and engaging hobbies in the world. LARP has had a tremendous impact on the lives of those working at BNS and on the lives of players across the world. LARP is such a creative collaboration of incredible scope and significance that we want to share it and we want to see it grow!
To that end, we at BNS believe that the only way to grow interest in this hobby is for there to be new and exciting content. Our goal is to release new quality content more frequently. We believe that the best times are yet to come for MET Live-Action Roleplaying and that a new golden age of MET LARP is about to begin!
We have worked very hard to make this book an incredible addition to the game we all love. We ask that you support this creative effort. Without the support of the community, releases like this would be impossible. We deeply thank you for considering adding your name to our list of backers, and have included a number of incentives and exclusive rewards to recognize your important contribution.

Q: If I become a Backer, can I choose to have an alias printed in the book or must it be my legal name?
A: An alias is fine! At checkout you are asked if you wish to provide an alias to be printed in the Backer section of the book instead of your legal name. If you elect to use an alias, you will be asked to provide it at checkout.

Q: When will the Backer Program end?
A: The final cut-off for inclusion in the printed material is January 31, 2021. We expect some Backer tiers to be sold out far in advance of the end date.

Q: Will this product be on the Storyteller’s Vault?
A: It will not.

Q: Wasn’t BNS going to release an Issue 2 and an Issue 3? What changed?
A: A little over a year ago By Night Studios came under new management. As we worked on Issue 2 and Issue 3, we realized that we could combine the content into one release instead of charging for two separate books. Rest assured that all of the promised and long-awaited content of Issues 2 and 3 will be in this release!

Q: What in the heck is the MET Web-Based APP?
A: The MET Web-Based App is a slick application that is fully hyperlinked and indexed with all of the mechanics content from every official By Night Studios V:tM release. Once you log on to the web application, you will have unprecedented access to all the rules necessary to build or advance a character in one easy to access location.
Over time, we plan to add even more features to the App. Regardless of Backer level, all Backers of the upcoming MET: VTM Volume 2 release will receive unlimited and perpetual access to this valuable resource.

Q: Why do I have to go through a paywall to get access to the MET Web-Based App’s V2 content at the start? (updated)
A: All existing published material for MET: VtM mechanics will be free from the start of the MET App and we truly hope to make the entirety of this tool freely available to the community someday! However, we take a great deal of pride in the work that went into creating V2 and we recognize that if we made brand new material free on our SRD App we would be devaluing the effort that went into creating that new material.
Note: an earlier version of this answer erroneously made reference to a “subscription” and inadvertently suggested that there would be a monthly fee attached. That is not the plan. “Subscription” was meant to imply the arrangement by which access would granted to the online service; it was not meant to imply that there would be a monthly service fee.
We apologize to the community for this miscommunication and hope this clarifies the intentions of BNS.

Q: How soon will the new rules be available to use on the MET App?
A: Sooner than you expect! We expect to have the MET App accessible in February of 2021! Finalizing layout and the printing and shipping of the physical copies of the book with all of the beautiful art will take longer.

*UPDATED!!! January 27, 2021*
Q: Will there be a PDF version of this book available?
A: We want our hobby to grow, to be loved, and to be experienced by as many people as possible, and we have heard our community’s feedback. Due to immense interest, we are proud to announce that a PDF copy of Mind’s Eye Theatre Vampire: The Masquerade Volume 2 (2021) will now be included with every Backer Tier we have sold thus far, and will be included with every Backer Tier we sell during the remainder of the Backer Program!
Due to layout requirements, we expect these PDFs to be ready around the same time the physical books will be ready to ship.

Q: When will physical books be shipped?
A: As soon as layout is finished and printing is completed.

Q: Do the tiers include shipping?
A: They do not! Shipping will be extra depending on the shipping destination.

Q: What new material will be included?
A: We have numerous new rituals, lots of Elder and Luminary Powers, new bloodlines, new merits, new flaws, new disciplines, new Thaumaturgy and Necromancy paths, Abyss Mysticism mechanics, and other system updates! There is no shortage of great stuff in this book!

Q: Will we still discount this product for those who purchased MET V:tM Volume 2 Issue 1 on the Storyteller’s Vault? (updated)
A: Backers who purchased MET V:tM Volume 2 Issue 1 on the Storyteller’s Vault will receive a discount. To receive that discount you must email support@bynightstudios.com with a copy of your receipt from having purchased Volume 2 Issue 1 from Storyteller’s Vault.
Once we receive your email we will generate an exclusive code that: (1) you can use at checkout to receive a discount on any backer tier except Ghoul and Thinblood; or (2) you can use at checkout to purchase merchandise from bynightstudios.com if you elected to purchase a backer tier other than Ghoul or Thinblood prior to receiving your discount code.

Q: I own a store that sells RPG books, and would like to discuss purchasing a quantity of the books wholesale. How do I do that?
A: Contact us via email at support@bynightstudios.com.

Q: I am a Journalist / Blogger / Influencer and would like to discuss the release with someone at By Night Studios; how would I do that?
A: Please send an email to ryan@bynightstudios.com. We would love to connect!

Q: Will there be any more previews? (updated)
A: BNS has partnered with the great folks at Southampton by Night (check them out in our video gallery) and the Desert of Shadows to produce a series of 3 video previews that dig down on some of the new material. You can subscribe to this blog for updates, and also check out youtube.com/bynightstudios – hit the bell icon to get the latest news!

Q: I have more questions! How do I ask them?
A: Look out on social media for an upcoming BNS “Ask Me Anything” about MET: V:tM Volume 2 – and be sure to RSVP! You can also email info@bynightstudios.com with your question.

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